Skin Care and Hair Treatment

Skin Care

We believe that the beautiful skin brings changes to life. With our profound experience and expertise through many years, our surgery specialist can provide you informative knowledge & advice regarding cosmetic production to fulfill your dream with our best for the best result
- Filler
- Botox
- Fine Thread Lifting
- IV Cocktail for specific skin condition designed specifically for each person

Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a prominent problem but it happens naturally with everyone in every age however, some people might lose more hairs than average which leads to low self-confidence and insecurity. The cause can be founded from various factions: heredity, stress, illness, nutrient deficiency and low vitamin levels.

We could do nothing in the past but in this age, There has been a revolution in innovation. Armed with powerful technologies, we can convert findings into clinical benefit to cure hair loss effectively ,so you can rest assured that you will never walk unconfidently ever again.

We understand your concern and guarantee that you will receive proper guidance from our hair loss treatment specialist starting with basic treatment for mild hair loss problem to innovative treatment such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for severe hair loss problem.

- Hair loss prevention and protection with scalp nourishment.
- Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
- Can be also be applied to mustache, eyebrow or beard.

BotulinumToxin Bottle
BOTULAX Korean FDA (100 Unit) 100
BOTOX (100 Unit) 100
* 100 Unit  
Filler 1cc
Voluma (2yrs) - chin/ temple  
Volbella (12months)-lips/finelines  
Volift (1.6yrs) - Lip/marionette lines/deep dermis  
Thread Lift Units
V-Korea cog 21g-100mm 10
* 10 Ampule/face  
Skin Detox Ampule
MADE (10 Ampule) 5-10
Collagen (10 Ampule) 10
MADE+Collagen (10 Ampule) 10
Mesotherapy Fat Ampule
Celluphase ( Ampule) 1
Dermaheal LL ( Ampule) 1
* จำนวนครั้งที่ทำ ขึ้นกับ lesion และการใช้ยาในแต่ละครั้ง และการปฏิบัติตัวของคนไข้  
Mesotherapy Melasma EA(2.5 cc)
White Visage Mesotherapy 10
* จำนวนครั้งที่ทำ 10 ครั้ง  
Mesotherapy Hair EA (2.5 cc)
Dermaheal HL 10
Follicular Unit Per Time
Follicular Unit  

BOTULAX Korean FDA (100 Unit) 100
Volift (1.6yrs) - Lip/marionette lines/deep dermis 1
PACKAGE 2 : FACE CONTOUR Intermediate  
BOTULAX Korean FDA (100 Unit)  
Volift (1.6yrs) - Lip/marionette lines/deep dermis 1cc
V-Korea cog 21g-100mm (Face) 1 Lot
BOTULAX Korean FDA (100 Unit)  
Volift (1.6yrs) - Lip/marionette lines/deep dermis 1cc
Meso Lipid Celluphase Face Formula(ต่อ Ampule) 1
PACKAGE 4 : Skin Texture (Skin Brightening)
White Visage Mesotherapy 1
MADE Collagen (10 Ampule) 1
Skin - Body  
PACKAGE 5 : Bright and Glow EA(2.5 cc)
IV Bright and Glow (Skin Vita) 1
White Visage Mesotherapy 1
PACKAGE 7 : Trim Solution
IV Meta-Burn 1
Dermaheal LL For Arms/ Legs /Belly (6 Ampule)t 1
PACKAGE 8 : Hair Glow  
Dermaheal HL 1
IV Hair Vita 1